Self Confidence and high self esteem are the key ingredients to your success. Self Confidence and self esteem determine your success. Without self confidence and self esteem -- you'll never accomplish your goals. But -- you are not born with Self Confidence or self esteem.

Self Confidence is a state of mind -- developed and perfected by the most successful people in the world.

Every successful person -- from Bill Gates to Ted Turner will tell you that they only accomplished their goals because they always believed in themselves. They were not born with Self Confidence -- Ted Turner is a classic example. He created the belief in himself never accepting anyone who doubted him. Today he is one of the richest men in the world.

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Self Confidence is something you can create and perfect -- just like Bill Gates, Ted Turner or anybody else that you consider successful. In fact if you examined the track record of every successful person -- you'll find that they failed more often then they succeeded. They didn't dwell on their failures. They concentrated on their goals, believed in themselves and pushed ahead.

If You Believe In Yourself
You Can Achieve Anything!

A couple of years ago the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup. Now I don't expect many of you to be a hockey fan. But I am. That's not important anyway. Among the players to win their First Stanely Cup -- 40 year old Raymond Bourque. He played for 22-years -- never reaching the Stanley Cup finals prior to this season. You might say he failed in his quest 21 times. Do you think people care. No! They'll remember that he finally won the cup -- once out of 22 seasons. He accomplished his goal because he always believed he could. He never gave up -- even though he had failed 21 times.

The most successful baseball players have what we call a .300-average. A great baseball player hits .390-.400. In fact .400 is pretty awesome. That means a "successful" baseball player only hits the ball 30-percent of the time. He fails 70-percent of the time. But he doesn't focus on the times he misses. A great hockey player will score 50-goals in a season. That means out of 80+ games he will score in slightly more than half of them!

Successful people are not always successful. But they don't focus on their failures -- and this helps create the self confidence that propels them to greater success.

Friends, I've traveled a long way from home. I'm a man of Indian decent, born in Kenya, grew up in Canada and enjoy a successful career in Television News. I have been an anchor, a Programer, a producer, and am always a public speaker. I have talked to thousands of people with ease. I have delivered the news Live to millions of people. I could not do any of this if I did not have any self confidence or did not believe in myself. In fact when I set out to become a journalist some people thought I was crazy. Why? Because no other person of Indian decent had been on television delivering the news. I was the first in Canada and the first in the United States. I could not have done any of this without self-confidence.

I was not born with self-confidence. My mother will tell you that as a young child I was quite shy and quiet. I remember when I moved to Canada I hardly said anything in school -- during my first year. But I worked with the System my grandmother and mother taught me and propelled myself to a school leader after being in the country for only 3 years. If you want to know more about me read the about section on this web site.

My point is that you can create your own self confidence. If you seriously want to create Self Confidence then you need to change the way your mind focuses on things. You need to teach yourself to create a new way of thinking and develop what I call a success vibration.

How many times have you met someone for the first time and just got the sense that they're successful. Or you see someone and they just give off this feeling of success. You've never exchanged a word with them -- but you just sense that they are successful. You're picking up what I call a "success vibration." You can do the same! Yes you can.

Self Confidence is created -- it is not given to you! This means that you can create Self Confidence to any degree you want!

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