You have tremendous power and that power is in your mind and subconscious mind. Your mind is a direct link to the subconscious mind and this is what gives your mind so much power.

In many ways the power of your mind has not been fully realized. Today scientists are actively studying how the mind and subconscious mind impact your life and your health.

Sure we make decisions and analyze things with our mind. But we're also discovering that what we think about, how we use our mind has an impact on our lives.

We also know that our subconscious mind governs our lives. Everything we do is a result of what's on our subconscious mind. So change what's on your subconscious mind and you change your life

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Here's where the power of the mind comes into play. Your mind is a direct link to your subconscious mind. What ever you think about and go over in your mind is planted on your subconscious mind. What you regularly think about is what you end up believing. What you believe is what your subconscious mind creates.

All beliefs start with a simple thought.

Take for example the thought that it's difficult to make money. You might think that it's difficult to make money beccause you've had a hard time making money. As you think that it's difficult to make money you support this thought with some past experiences where it's been difficult to make money. So you soon begin to believe that it's difficult to make money. Then things get worse because now you always have a difficult time making money. Before you know it you completely believe that it's difficult to make money.

You've planted that belief on your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind simply creates situations for you so that it's always difficult to make money.

You might say it's true. But in order for this statement to be completely true you would have to gone through life never making any money. At some point (mabe even know) you did make some money. It may not have been that hard to make money. It just may be difficult for you to make as much as you want.

To get the power of the mind to work for you the first thing to do is to change those negative beliefs. And you can only do that by changing your thoughts.

To change your thoughts you need to monitor them and when you discover a thought that doesn't help you or one that places a limitation on you - change it or remove it.

You want to develop thoughts that help you achieve your goals and make your life easier, so that you enjoy it.

You may even want to write down some of the thoughts that you discover. Then look at them and challenge these thoughts. Ask yourself: is that really the way it is?

Often you're just seeing the worst in the situation. So your subconscious mind goes out and creates more of that worst case thinking. You see it in your life over and over again simply because you've planted this ongoing negative thought process on your subconscious mind.

But you have control over your mind. This is the real power that you have. That means you can change what's in your mind and you can change your thoughts. You can then change what's on your subconscious mind.

There is tremendous power in your mind - this is what mind power is all about. It's the power that you have. So use this power to tell your subconscious mind what to create and how.

Remember, Doctors, scientists, and researchers are now believe that the power of the mind can make a big impact on your health and well being. It will also impact your life - so take control of this power and use it to enjoy life.

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